Achievements are available in the iOs version of the game. You can obtain game center points by completing certain tasks. We have broken these achievements into different categories to help you obtain them all!

Chapter Completion
Full Star Mastery
Destroy Certain Enemies
Special Use Conditions
Planting Achievements

Chapter Completion

Off the Green
Complete the tutorial.

King Nut
Complete Ancient Egypt.

Yarr, Matey
Complete the Pirate Seas.

Complete the Wild West.

Full Star Mastery

Nut Un-Common
Get all stars in Ancient Egypt.

Pirate Booty
Get all stars in the Pirate Seas.

Get all stars in the Wild West.

Destroy Certain Enemies

Kill a zombie with a Potato Mine.

Destroy a Pirate Captain Zombie before its parrot can fly away.

No Smoking
Extinguish an Explorer Zombie’s torch.

Destroy a Tomb Raiser Zombie before it can raise any Gravestones.

Use a Coconut Cannon to destroy an Imp Cannon.

Destroy a Yeti.

Special Use Conditions

Sun Catcher
Get 10 Sun from a single Ra Zombie.

20 Below Zero
Freeze 20 Zombies with a single Iceberg Lettuce.

Magical Fruit
Stun 10 Zombies with one Chili Bean.

Pat the Birdy
Put butter on a Seagull Zombie.

Fried Chicken
Use a Lightning Reed on a Chicken.

Shell on Wheels
Put a Wall-nut on a mine cart.

Planting Achievements

Pod Squad
Max out a Pea Pod on a mine cart.

High Five
Plant 5 Tall-nuts and use Plant Food on all of them.

Dragon Age
Plant 10 Snapdragons in a single level.

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