Plants vs Zombies 2 Ancient Egypt – Day 5

There is nothing much to write about in Day 5 of the Ancient Egypt. The tutorial basically walks you through the three different power ups.

Below is a brief description of these three powerups.

Power Pinch: (800 coins)
Pinch a zombie to destroy it!

Power Toss: (1200 coins)
Swipe a zombie to toss it around. Swipe it twice to send it off the screen!

Power Zap: (1000 coins)
Hold your fingers down on a zombie to electrocute it!

Out of these three power ups, we like power toss the best as you can swipe and destroy zombies faster than pinching.


Plants vs Zombies 2 Ancient Egypt – Day 5 — 1 Comment

  1. hello

    I have normal laptop with out touch screen and in ancient Egypt day 5 I can not do nothing anyone can help me how to go throw. Thank you

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