Plants Food Strategy Guide

The proper use of plants in PvZ2 (Plants versus Zombies 2) is key to winning most of the stages. In this reference guide for plants food boost, we will go over the different plants food function on specific plants, and how you can place them within your strategy to increase your winning chances.

We have divided the guide into several sections, based on the general uses of the plants or if the plants have similar “cousins” that can be grouped into the same category. In addition, we also compiled some potential strategies to help you incorporate into your PvZ2 game play. This guide will be a really good reference for you to base off your strategies on how to use plants food at the right time.

Individual Plant Food Usage Strategies Quick Index

Sun Production Plants: Sunflower, Twin Sunflower
Defense Plants: Wall-nut, Tall-nut
Trap Bomb Kills: Potato Mine, Chili Bean, Squash
Trap Control Plants: Iceberg Lettuce, Spring Bean
Peashooter Series: Peashooter, Repeater, Split Peas, Threepeater, Pea Pod, Snow Pea
Catapult Series: Cabbage-pult, kernel-pult, melon-pult, Winter Melon
Spike Series: Spikeweed, Spikerock
Other Plants (Ranged): Bloomerang, Lightning Reed
Other Plants (Melee and Close Ranged): Bonk Choy, Snapdragon,
Other Plants (Support): Torchwood

Plants Food Usage Strategy Summary

Best Damage: Coconut Cannon
Early Start: Twin Sunflower
Best Crowd Control: Winter Melon
Seagull Killer: Kernel-pult
Best Defense: Tall-nut
Easily Used and High Power: Snapdragon

Individual Plant Food Usage Strategies

Instant Use Plants (No Plants Food Boost): Grave Buster, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno, Power Lily, Imitator

Sun Production Plants

Because the following two plants serve similar function, we will make comments about both plants at the same time. In general, you should always use the plants food on twin sunflower and twin sunflower only. Sunflower becomes quite obsolete once you obtain the twin sunflower and the +25 sun boost.

The only stage where regular sunflower applies is where you have a sun spending cap. But if you do have a sun spending cap, the extra sun does you no good. You cannot spend the extra sun you get so you really do not need the sun.

It should be noted that the plants food + sunflower combo works great in endless modes. Because the plants food carry over to the next stage, you can get a head start and build your defenses much faster.

Instantly produces 150 sun.

Twin Sunflower
Instantly produces 225 sun.

Defense Plants

The key to make the most out of your PvZ2 plant food for defensive nuts is to time your uses. Apply the plant food when your nut is near death or have taken enough damage. The use of plants food replenish all of its health plus adding another layer of defense.

At a glance, adding plants food to the tall-nut appears to be the way to go. The tall-nut has higher starting health and get a stronger boost added. However, in majority of the stages you will most likely be using wall-nut only because of its low cost. This means that, use plants food on tall-nuts when you use it, but if not the wall-nuts will do.

Another concept is to decide when to use the plant food on your defensive plants or attack plants for damage. It really depends on the situation. Are instant plant killers coming your way such as parrot zombie or barrel roller? Generally, boosting your defense is better when you have enough attack. And attacking and wiping out zombies is better when you do not yet have strong enough of a defense.

Replenish all lost health and place a metal armor.

Replenish all lost health and place a (strong) metal armor.

Trap Bomb Kills

We have made this category of plants because they act as “traps”. In its regular form, these plants instantly kill the plants that get near it. The plants are also “destroyed” once they activate.

Potato Mine
Instantly recharge the potato mine to be active. Make two copies of the potato mine randomly on the field ready to explode.

The plant food acts well together with potato mine, especially when you are down on the sun and a strong well armored zombie is breaking through your defenses (buckheads, etc). You can place a potato mine at a mere cost of 25 sun and quickly activates, while knowing that the bomb will do its job to kill the zombie.

The two copies that the potato mine makes is less relevant because more than likely a weak zombie will trip them.

Chili Bean
Creates three copies of the chili beans on to the field.

This plant food boost is stronger than that of potato mine. The copies can effectively slow down a couple rows of invading zombies. The time lag allows you to get some breathing room to setup your defenses further.

Randomly squash two of the strongest zombies on the field. Then return to its original location.

Squash is one of the premium plants offered. We think that plants food is too valuable to be wasted on the squash. It is much better to use the plants food on winter melon or coconut cannon to deal more damage faster.

Trap Control Plants

Although iceberg lettuce is an one use plant as well, but we have placed it under another category because it’s main purpose is to control zombies.

Iceberg Lettuce
Mass freeze every zombies on screen.

Although it is a great plant to have when you are under siege, if I have a choice between attack or control, I would rather spend the plant food on a stronger plant to wipe out the enemies. However, this plant food combo is great when you are playing the game the first time without stronger plants.

Spring Bean
Jump every zombies on screen, including knock them off the deck in Pirate Sea stages whenever applicable.

This is a powerful combo to have in Pirate Seas, primarily because of it’s ability to knock every zombie off the deck. This is in fact instant kill on everything. When used properly this plant is the strongest in Pirate Seas.

Peashooter Series

Every plants mentioned here are some sort of variations from the original peashooter.

Shoots out about 53 peas rapidly.

This is a decent plants boost when you do not have anything else that is ranged. However, once you start getting a few other plants, this combo soon becomes a waste of plants food.

Shoots out about 53 peas rapidly plus a big pea that does about 12 peas damage.

Like the peashooter, the repeater plants food combo becomes obsolete once you get stronger plants. The super is very limited and only targets the first zombie. Don’t use plant food on this.

Split Peas
Shoots about 53 peas rapidly in the front and back. Plus another big pea to the back.

Same thing as the peashooter, however, because of the ability to shoot out another pea in the back. This boost can be useful against prospector zombies. However, if your offense is not strong enough to defend against prospector, you will probably have to spam the plant food to make this strategy not worthwhile.

Spray a series of bullets to the field.

Although this looks cool when you use it, the damage inflicted is actually pretty low. The boost is nevertheless, only peashooters. However, it’s great against lower life zombies such as the imp or parrot zombies that are sneaking through your defenses.

Pea Pod
Shoots out 5 big peas each dealing about 12 pea equivalent damage.

This boost is weak compared to the other plants food boost. Mainly the result that each big pea can only hit 1 zombie.

Snow Pea
Sets entire row on ice and shoots out frozen peas.

This premium plant does about the same damage as the regular peashooter. Like peashooter, the effect is too weak to be worth spending plant food on it.

Catapult Series

Catapult a cabbage attack to every zombie on screen.

We personally like to use plants food on kernel-pult. Although cabbage-pult does slightly higher damage, we find that it’s better to temporarily disable all zombie movement with the mass butter from kernel-pult. In addition, the kernel-pult instantly kills seagull and parrot zombies.

Catapult a butter attack to every zombie on screen.

This is a really good plant food to use on, the butter attack although does slightly damage than cabbage. They freeze all enemies and instantly kill seagull and parrot zombies.

Shoots melon rockets to attack every zombie on screen.

The plants food on melon-pult is awesome. It does massive damage while targeting every single zombie. Place this combo on top of your list, until you get winter melon that is.

Winter Melon
Shoots winter melon rockets to attack every zombie on screen.

The awesomeness of melon-pult plus the capability to slow down zombies. You should always build a winter melon in your brigade simply because this is by far one of the best plant food combo in the game.

Spike Series

The plants food super will pull the zombies into the spikeweed or spikerock, while dealing great damage. These are one of the best plants food to use until you enable coconut cannon or winter melon. The plant food power up acts as a control skill to move all of the zombies back into your row.

A great tool to protect your home base and your lawn mowers if your defenses do get breached.

Creates a row of spikes while pulling zombies into the plant.

Creates a row of spikes while pulling zombies into the plant.

Other Plants (Ranged)

Shoots 10 boomerangs in all four directions.

This skill looks cool when used, but actually deal very little damage. It’s not enough to kill stronger zombies such as pharoah or even bucketheads. If zombies do get close enough for your bloomerang to work (in all 4 directions), your defenses will most likely fail.

Lightning Reed
Creates a lightning cloud to damage random zombies for roughly 10 seconds.

The damage can be useful, however because it picks a random zombie, it may never attack the zombie that is ripping your sunflowers apart. Better to use your plants food on something else that guarantees damage.

Coconut Cannon
Shoots out a huge cannon ball, pushing all zombies to the back row. Then explode to cause a 3×3 massive damage.

The plant food is best used on coconut cannon for a majority of the situations. First it pushes everything to the back row and relieve you of being attacked. Secondly it destroys everything of 3 x 3 in the back row area. Nothing can survive the blast. Always have coconut ready in your team because they are awesome.

Other Plants (Melee and Close Ranged)

Bonk Choy
Deals damage to the 3×3 area near the Bonk Choy.

This is a decent plant food use in the beginning, to kill the stronger zombies like the pharoah. However, towards the end the bonk choy becomes useless and obsolete, bonk choy dies too easily if they even let zombies get close to the melee range.

Shoots out a ball of flame, killing everything in the 3×3 area in front of it.

Another awesome plant food combo. The snapdragon with plant food kills everything in front of it. It’s highly useful because you can always use it when the snapdragon is under attack. No time lag means that snapdragon will never die, and it will kill a mob of zombies instantly.

Other Plants (Support)

The Torchwood turns into blue permanently. Peas that go through the blue flame now deals 3x damage.

We like torchwood. Although it’s a premium plant. It’s one of the best import from the original PvZ 1. However, we believe that it’s use is pretty limited given that Plants versus Zombies 2 is really an optimizing game. Nevertheless, with proper setup, the torchwood can turn your peashooter family into crazy killers. Full buffed pea pod + torchwood has the highest damage output potential in the game.

Yet the chances are that you will never get to use it because it’s impractical.

Instant Use Plants (No Plants Food Boost)

These plants do not have any plant foods power ups.

Grave Buster, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno, Power Lily, Imitator


Plants Food Strategy Guide — 4 Comments

  1. On ancient egypt right next to level 8 unlock the gatefor 4 keys and if you want 5 plant food banks go on almanac go on bonuses then purchase it for £1.99.

  2. “Full buffed pea pod + torchwood has the highest damage output potential in the game.

    Yet the chances are that you will never get to use it because it’s impractical.”

    Seriously? Pea-pod torchwood combo is impractical?

    from left to right:
    first and second line fully upgraded pea-pods. Third line torchwood with plantfood. fourth line double sunflower fifth line normal sunflower. maybe spikeweed for the rest if you feel it is necessary. You have about 30x peas worth of damage flying down each lane every 2 seconds or so, and this is impractical?

    at the start, get the 2nd and third line filled with normal sunflower, 4th with double and the 5th with normals again. Get the first line filled with buffed out pea pods, then get torchwoods in the third line, then start filling the 2nd line with more pea pods. use the imitator as a pea pod if you have it, and the power lily is useful to get the torchwoods up to blue power.

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