Plants vs Zombies 2 Premium Plants Review and Guides

If you are stuck with the game, it’s very easy to assume that premium plants can save you. However, it’s not quite that way. Without proper strategies, you will still die with these “premium” plants.

We think that EA and Popcap has tried too much to “balance” these plants so these premium plants are not so premium anymore. Some of the premium plants are under powered and make you ask, so why did I just spend my $3~$5 for?

The premium plants do create some alternatives to existing strategies, but they are not overpowered in anyways which make them useless. If you cannot beat a stage, you still cannot beat a stage with the “premium” plants. In fact, you would lose even more badly if you want to work the plants into your setup. So, don’t bother unless you really love the game and want to get “everything”.

Below, we will go over and review each of the PvZ2 premium plants to help you make educated decisions on whether or not to buy them.


Good Buy: Torchwood, Imitator
Useful but becomes obsolete: Snow Pea, Jalapeno
Useless Plants: Squash, Power Lily

Premium Plants Review in depth review
Power Lily


Cost: Depends on plants imitated

The imitator premium plant lets you “copy” any plant in your seeds slot, this effectively cuts your cool down period by half. The strategies that can be used by imitator can vary quite a bit from boosting initial sunflower production, lower cooldown for potato mines and nuts, boost attack by having coconut cannons and melon-pults faster. The strategy variation is limitless.

Plants Food on Imitator
Does not apply.

We believe that the imitator is well worth the money because it effectively halves the cool down time. It’s highly flexible and versatile to be used in different situations and boost different strategies and limits. We would highly recommend you to purchase this plant if you really do want to toss some money into the game.


Cost: 125 Sun

The jalapeno does instantly kill for the entire row of zombies. However, because of its slow recharge, it’s not really worth the money. You are really better off using cherry bomb if your field is properly defended on the front line.

Plants food on Jalapeno
Not applicable because the jalapeno is an instant use plant.

It’s a good substitute for cherry bombs if you want like to shake things up a bit. However, it’s slow recharge and only able to deal damage to single row makes it relatively weak. In most cases when you get rushed by zombie waves, you may have 3 rows with barrel rollers or pianist that need to be killed. I would rather pick cherry bomb.


Cost: 175 suns

An oldie but a goodie from the original Plants versus Zombie. The torchwood lights up the peas being shot into fireballs. The fired up peas will then deal twice the damage as its original. The torchwood in its original form is relatively weak simply because I would rather pick and setup an overlapped snapdragon defense. BUT, the boosted torchwood with plants food pays for itself with a pure repeater and threepeater setup.

Plants Food on Torchwood
Upon the use of plants food, the torchwood upgrades into super torchwood with cool blue flame. The peas that go through the super torchwood deals 3x damage as its normal counterpart. The super torchwood lasts permanently.

The torchwood can be quite useful in certain situations. With plants food and a proper peashooter setup, this combination has the potential to deal the most damage in the game. But without the proper setup? They are weaklings that cannot stand up on their own.


Cost: 150 Suns

The snow pea is a regular peashooter imbued with freezing bullets similar to the winter melon. I would much rather save the sun and grab a winter melon instead. A winter melon does 3 x 3 (9 squares) area damage while freezing the zombies at a little over triple the cost. A winter melon beats snow pea hands down in all situations. So why would you buy and use snowpea in your own setup?

Plants Food on Snow Pea
It shoots out a line of ice, this may be useful for later worlds, but in the mean time it’s worthless. It deals rapid Gatling gun damage similar to that of a regular peashooter.

This plant may be useful in earlier worlds, but quickly becomes obsolete once you obtain the winter melon.

Power Lily

Cost: 175 Suns

In short, power lily is weak sauce and worthless, hugely in part due to its high sun cost. If this plant costs 0 suns it may be a worthwhile buy. If you have to spend 175 suns to plant a power lily just to get a plant food, you would die before then. That 175 sun is better off to plant another twin sunflower, or save up for a stronger plant.

Plant Food on Power Lilly
Power Lilly has no plants food boost because it’s an instant use plant.

Never purchase this premium plant, it is useless. You are better off just purchasing a plant food boost if you really need it. It’s faster and costs no sun.


Cost: 50 Suns

This plant has similar function compared to the chili bean. It instantly kills the plant that gets near it by squashing it. However, this “premium” plant is weaker than the chili bean. The chili bean actually has the effect of freezing all the zombies behind the dying one.

Plant Food on Squash
Squash two zombies randomly on screen.

The premium Squash in Plants versus Zombie 2 is a waste of money. It may be nice to have another substitute for your chili beans and potato mines, but given that you only have a max of 7 seed slots at the moment, using a squash is not economical.

The squash costs more than a potato mine, and has a weaker plants food super than the chili bean. (Chili bean creates 3 copies of itself randomly on screen). So, do not waste your money on purchasing this plant at its current forum.


Plants vs Zombies 2 Premium Plants Review and Guides — 5 Comments

  1. The power lily may be useless in game mode. But in endless mode (eg Pyramid of Doom) it is vital because from level 40 onwards the drop rate of plant food is nearly zero (you can play 5 stages without collecting one), while you’ll need more and more to defeat gargatuar. Unless you can think of a strategy without plant food or you’re ready to spend lots of coin, I would say it is the most essential plant for endless modes in this game.

  2. The power lily is invaluable for me on the endless levels like Pyramid of Doom, etc. It’s been the better alternative lifesaver for me as opposed to using power ups when I get into a tight spot. 175 sun is a reasonable in-play cost for it. Wait for it to show up on sale in the store before buying it.

  3. Good 😀
    I think I’ll buy the Imitater.
    Also,please add the new premium plants (the hypno-shroom and the star fruit)on this list,please 😀

  4. Squash has the advantage over the chili bean that it kills every zombie in the square it lands on. This can be useful when facing densely packed waves, such as one that stacked up when eating through a wall nut. Squash can also jump backwards, so it can kill a zombie on the square behind it – these two advantages make it a good deal in some circumstances.

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