Wild West Day 10

The day 10 of wild west stage features delivery type game. Below is a plants setup recommendation to help you beat the game. Timing and setup is crucial to beat this stage just like the rest of the stages in the game.

Survive a massive attack during the wild west.

Backrow: You want to place the coconut cannon in the back. This is the last line of defense that in the case you cannot defend against the incoming waves. They are super important to take down poncho zombies with the metal plates.

Middle rail carts: Place the Pea Pod on here, and gradually fill them up as the stages go by. These are your mobile gatling machine gun that can take out enemies quite fast.

Second front row: Place the watermelons with this row. Watermelons are powerful plants that should not be sacrificed at all cost. By placing on the second row, you have some reaction time if the zombies do break through your front line defense.

Front Line: Place the lightning reed on the front line. Their job will mainly be zapping any incoming waves and as a warning buffer when they break through your defense. If you find your lightning reeds getting attack, fall to the back and utilize your peapods and coconut cannons to quickly annihilate the zombie waves.

PvZ2 Wild West Day 10 Final Setup

Plant Food Usage
We like to use our plants food on the watermelon in this stage, the boosted watermelon-pult can deal massive damage to zombies waves on all the lines of attack.

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