World Gates Walkthrough

Going through the world and unlocking every power up will make you stronger in the game. However, you will not have enough keys to unlock all the gates without some serious key farming. Thus, we have created a world walkthrough to guide you through which power ups and plants to get before the others.

We have also included the world maps with all the different plants and power ups with labels. Use these maps to help you navigate through the stages easily.

We have listed the stages and locked gates in the order of importance, although your final goal is to unlock them. Unlocking the “right” one is key to smooth sailing in the game later.

Ancient Egypt
Pirate Seas
Wild West

Ancient Egypt

PvZ2 Ancient Egypt World Map

1. Special Delivery – Unlock Bloomerang
Bloomerang will be the first locked gate that you will unlock, you will have to do it as a part of the game tutorial. There is no other way around it. However, bloomerang is a good plants to have and is required for you to pass through a couple of stages.

2. Twin Sunflower – Locked and Loaded
The twin sunflower is a very important plant that boosts your sun production by 2 fold. Although it is planted with more than double the single sunflower, it is well worth the investment in all the stages except the ones with sun spending cap.

3. Grave Buster – Save Our Seeds
The Grave Buster plant is needed to obtain the star mastery in the later levels. Later levels start with quite a bit of tombstones and grave busters can pave the way early on.

4. +25 Sun – Last Stand
The initial +25 sun is important if you want to start using pure twin sunflower production. This is needed at a later pirate seas level where timing is key to win the star mastery.

5. Plant Food Stash +1 – Mummy Memory
This is the weakest of all the power up in Ancient Egypt. You can increase your plants food bank by 1. You will very rarely stack up to 4 plants food anyways if you are having trouble with a stage. So this power up is not really necessary. Although it can come in handy still at endless levels.

Pirate Seas

PvZ2 Pirate Seas World Map

1. +1 Seed Slot – Last Stand
Although you can complete most of the beginning stages without the extra slot. The extra slot comes in handy once you obtain a couple more control / support plants such as chili beans. This will come especially in handy once you get to the Wild West levels.

2. Cherry Bomb – Locked and Loaded
Cherry bomb is an awesome plant to have because it can quickly kill high HP zombies. When used well and on time, they are worth every sun spent.

3. Spikerock – Save Our Seeds
Spikerock is considerably less helpful because spikeweeds serve the same function. Although spikerock and take 3 hits, spikeweeds offer much lower cost and can be spammed over additional lines easily. Spikerock is only useful when you face stages with lots of barrel rollers and pianist in Wild West chapter. But even then, if you are spammed with those high HP zombies, it’s much easier to blast them with coconut cannon or cherry bombs than to waste valuable sun on spikerock defense.

4. +25% shovel bonus – Cannons Away
We rank this power up the weakest of them all because you really rarely have to replant your plants. If you do have to replant that often for it to be worthwhile, you will probably lose the stage anyways. It is semi useful for stages with plants count requirement.

Wild West

PvZ2 Wild West World Map

1. Winter Melon – Locked and Loaded
Winter Melon is one of the most overpowered plants in the game, and it’s really costly in sun to prove it. Unlock it as soon as you can. The winter melon does heavy damage while slowing down zombies. This makes your defensive units last longer, your attack units does more damage before zombies reach you. All in all, get this plant.

2. +25% shovel bonus – Last Land
Although this powerup is placed as the least important in the previous world pirates seas. We have ranked this above the other two power ups.

3. Wall-Nut First Aid – Save Our Seeds
This power up comes in handy when you have wall-nuts or tall-nuts pushed against the enemy lines. However, in almost all stages this is not necessary. The only place that this is helpful is well save our seeds of Wild West, you will find that your nuts being cracked quite easily, it’s good to refresh them from time to time.

4. Instant Recharge – Not OK Corral
We rank this power up the most useless in the entire game. Even if you get this power up, you should almost never use it. It’s much better to use the precious plants food on your existing plants such as the coconut cannon if you are under heavy fire.

There are plenty of plants in the game that can act as substitute for one another. Once you have unlocked the +1 seed slot from Ancient Egypt, you should never die because of the plants recharge cooldown timer. If you do, you should analyze your game play and strategy to come up with a better plants selections. In short, if your brain is going to get eaten and die, instant recharge will never save you, instead it will kill you much faster.


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  1. hi, im on my ancient egypt pyramid doom level 17…how can i get different kinds of plants or unlock them….all i have is the sunflower, wall nut, bloomerang, iceberg lettuce, repeater, peashooter, potato mine, cabbage pult, bonk choy.I have already 39 keys how can i use them..Many thanks

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