Yeti Killing Strategy

Killing yeti quickly and efficiently is important to get more keys and score some serious coins in the game. In this strategy guide, we will discuss some easy ways to kill your yetis and grab their lunch boxes.

Yeti Killing Strategies

Freeze Yeti
Once yeti’s out on the field, you only have so much time to kill it before it retreats back. Have plans to slow it down so that your other plants can deal damage. Use iceberg lettuce or winter melon to slow its movements.

Optimal Yeti Killing Team
Based on our instant kill strategies, below is the yeti killing dream team. You will have the highest chance to annihilate yeti before it can escape!

Sunflower (or Twin), Iceberg Lettuce, Potato Mine, Coconut Cannon, Cherry Bomb, + 2 other plants to pass the stage.

Make sure you can pass stage
Make sure that you have a decent strategy and setup to pass the stage, you cannot claim the lunchbox if your brain gets eaten by the zombies. Keeping and killing yeti is only half of the battle.

Instant Kill Strategies

In short, anything that can deal huge damage to an enemy instantly is great to kill off yetis in the game. What you really want to do is aim for one shot kills, you do not want a near miss on a yeti, you want yeti’s head and its lunch box treasure.

Plants Food Options

Potato Mine Place the potato mine directly on the yeti, use plant food to instantly grow it and it will explode in Yeti’s face.

Coconut Cannon: The plant food boost can make your coconut cannon super yeti killer.

Spring Bean Jump: Only workable during the pirate sea worlds. You will have to wait a little bit for yeti to completely be out on the deck.

Without Plant Food

Cherry Bombs: If you can, always walk in with cherry bomb in head, one shot one kill.

Coconut Cannon: Good to use if you can make a clean shot at yeti, although because yeti usually comes in waves, the coconut cannon becomes a much weaker option.

Jalapeno: Although this is a premium plant, but it does the job. But again I would rather use the cherry bombs.

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