Zombies Enemy: Regular, Cone head, Football, Screen Door, Dancing
Recommended Plants: Auto
Reward: Lily Pad

Like 1-10, this stage features an auto delivery system where your defenses are delivered to you. Plant the Scaredy shrooms all the way in the back room as you want the distance between these shrooms and the zombies. Use Grave Buster as soon as you have them.

You want to use the doom shroom all the way to the right, because the doom shroom leaves a crater after its use. However, the chances are that you do not need them if you place your plants correctly. Drop the hypno shroom directly on Football zombies during early stage when you do not have enough defenses.

Overall this is a pretty easy stage to beat.

PvZ 2-10 Setup

PvZ 2-10 Middle

PvZ 2-10 Final Wave

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