Zombies Enemy: Regular, Conehead Zombie, Dancing Zombie, Backup Dance
Recommended Plants: Sun-shroom, Sunflower, Snow Pea, Fume Shroom, Puff-Shroom, Grave Buster, Scaredy Shroom, Hypno-Shroom, Cherry Bomb, Chomper
Reward: Doom-Shroom

This stage is pretty easy except that the dancer zombie can summon 4 additional zombies. However, you can “turn” the entire crew if you use hypno shroom on the main dancer zombie.

Start the stage like you normally do with the previous levels. Sun production is your priority while spamming the puff-shroom and grave buster. Then fume shroom plus chomper plant will lead you to victory quite easily.

PvZ 2-8 Setup

PvZ 2-8 Final Wave

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