Zombies Enemy: Regular Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Dancing Zombie, Backup Dancer, Screen Door Zombie
Recommended Plants: Sun-shroom, Sunflower, Doom Shroom, Fume Shroom, Puff-Shroom, Grave Buster, Scaredy Shroom, Hypno-Shroom, Cherry Bomb, Chomper
Reward: Note

This stage combines the dancing zombie with screen door zombie. However, the setup that you have been using is sufficient to beat the stage quite easily. The usual 6 sunshroom plus sun flower sun production. Plant plenty of puff-shroom as your front line defense.

Consider to use doom shroom if things get tough. However, the chances are that you will not use them at all once you have setup a three row fume shroom defense.

PvZ 2-9 Setup

PvZ 2-9 Middle

PvZ 2-9 Final Wave

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