Zombies Enemy: Regular Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Ducky Tube Zombie
Recommended Plants: Sunflower, Lily Pad, Snow Pea, Repeater, Potato Mine, Chomper, Wallnut
Reward: Squash Plant

Welcome to the new chapter of Plants versus Zombie. This time we are fighting for our brains in our backyards. You will have to plant lily pads before you can place any plants on the water.

Setup the defense with Sunflower first on the land, and as you are moving towards the 7~8th sunflowers, start planting lily pads. Use potato mine during early stage to take out the beginning waves. The best setup to beat the stages in this chapter is to use snow pea in each of the lane. The snow peas slow down the zombies while your higher damage pea shooters take them out.

It is important for you to place wallnuts on lily pads according to the picture shown. Zombies will do surprise attack and rise above the water. Without the proper defenses your plants along the center may die.

PvZ 3-1 Setup

PvZ 3-1 Middle

PvZ 3-1 Final Wave

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