Zombies Enemy: Regular, Conehead Zombie, Bucket Zombie, Balloon Zombie, Digger Zombie, Pogo Zombie, Jack in the box.
Recommended Plants: Auto
Reward: Cabbage-pult

This is one of the hardest stage in the game. You will have to defend against zombies with the light from lightning strikes. Below are some of the guidelines to plant your plants.

Place cactus plants in the back, protect them with pumpkins to defend against diggers. Plant the starfruits starting from the middle of the stage, since the diagonal stars will hit the zombies on the ground lanes. Protect those starfruits by placing the seashroom all the way in the front.

Plant the magnet shrooms as soon as you get them, they do a great job at taking away metal buckets and pogo jumpers. Complete your defenses by placing some starfruits on the ground lanes too, they can kill the incoming digger zombies, protect the ground starfruits with pumpkins too to cover front incoming zombies.

PvZ 4-10 Setup

PvZ 4-10 Middle

PvZ 4-10 Final Victory

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