Zombies Enemy: Regular Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Football Zombie, Ducky Tube Zombie, Jack in the box zombie
Recommended Plants: Sun-shroom, Sunflower, Puff-Shroom, Fume shroom, Lily Pad, Sea Shroom, Plantern, Repeater
Reward: Cactus Plant

This stage is a little hard because of the Football zombies. They can really do some serious damage to your puff-shroom line up. So it is essential for you to carry some Hypno-shroom to instantly turn those football players. Use the plantern plant to give yourself a heads up on when the Football zombies are coming.

Spam your puff shroom and seashroom like all the other night levels. Setup the standard sunshroom plus sunflower production.

PvZ 4-2 Setup

PvZ 4-2 Middle Flag

PvZ 4-2 Final

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