Zombies Enemy: Regular, Conehead, Buckethead Zombie, Ducky Tube, Jack in the Box, Digger Zombie
Recommended Plants: Sunshroom, Sunflower, Puff Shroom, Fume Shroom, Twin Sunflower, Starfruit, Plantern, Lily Pad, Seashroom
Reward: Pumpkin Plant

This stage features a couple more stronger zombies such as the Buckethead. However, you have unlocked a strong plant to use in the game – the starfruit plant. The starfruit is more flexible to use than the split peas as the starfruit shoots out 5 damaging stars that targets 5 different directions.

Start the stage by spamming the seashroom and puff shroom like before. As you are building up your sun supply, start building your starfruit defenses on the pool lanes. And gradually replace your puff shroom with more star fruits. With enough star fruits, they will tear through all the incoming zombie waves.

PvZ 4-7 Setup

PvZ 4-7 Final Setup

PvZ 4-7 Middle Flag

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