Zombies Enemy: Regular Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Ducky Tube, Pogo Zombie
Recommended Plants: Sunshroom, Sunflower, Puff Shroom, Fume Shroom, Sea Shroom, Lily Pad, Plantern, Tallnut, Starfruit
Reward: Magnet-Shroom

This stage introduces the new pogo zombie. The pogo zombie is like the pole vault zombie on crack. It will keep on jumping until it reaches the end. The pogo zombie can be blocked by tallnut so that is your strongest defense against them.

Start the defensive setup by spamming the puffshroom and sea shroom. Setup a few fume shrooms and defend your turf against Pogo zombies with a few tallnuts. You should pass the stage without much trouble as long as you have the tall nut.

PvZ 4-8 Setup

PvZ 4-8 Middle

PvZ 4-8 Final Setup

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