Welcome to the final stage of the game in adventure mode. Now you will battle the mastermind of the zombie army.

This boss can be pretty hard if you do not know what you are doing against it. In this guide we will go over some general strategies on beating it.

We will go over Zomboss’ major attacks first, and summarize a general strategy to help you beating him right after.

1. Bungee Zombie Summon.
Throughout the stage, Zomboss summons a team of bungee zombies which take away your plants. Now, most of the time bungee zombies will succeed, however, you can manage to safe a couple of your plants if you use the ice shroom on time.

2. Fire Ball Spit.
Zomboss spits out a ball of fire, crushing all the plants and flower pots in its path. The only way to break is to planting an ice shroom.

PvZ 5-10 Fire Ball

3. Ice Ball Spit.
Similar to the fire ball, zomboss spits out an ice ball which crushes all the flower pots and plants in its path. The only way to defend against it is to use jalapeno to break the ice ball.

PvZ 5-10 Ice Ball

4. Zomboss Stomp.
The Zomboss stomps the floor and crushing all the plants past the 5th row. The best way is to not plant anything past the middle.

5. Truck Toss.
The zomboss tosses a 2×3 truck, crushing both the plants and flower pots. There isn’t much for you to defend this move. The best defense is simply spread out your plants a bit, do not place all of your melon pult in a 2×3 square. Your melon pults will deal the majority of the damage against zombies that get dropped off.

6. Zomboni Spam.
PvZ 5-10 Zomboni Spam

Battling Tips:
Taking all of Zomboss’ attack into consideration, below is a compiled best practices that will help you beat the boss easily.

1. Save at least 3 Jalapeno and 2 Ice Shroom
These two places are super important in this final boss fight. You will need jalapno to defend yourself against Ice ball and zomboni mobs. The ice shroom helps you to defend against fire balls and bungee zombie mobs.

2. Spread your Melon Pults.
Melon pults are your major damage dealer in this final boss fight. Place the melon pults on the first row and fourth row, so that when the trucks hit, you never lose more than 2 of melon pults.

3. Do not plant past the middle.
The Zomboss uses his stomp quite often, which kills all the plants instantly. So, never place plants nor flower pots past the middle row. The only exception is that when you want to break iceball or fireball and you do not have any spaces. You can then place the flower pot and quickly activate the Jalapeno or Ice Shroom.

4. Final Blow
Towards the end of the battle, if you have a couple of Jalapeno saved, you should consider to use the final combo to quickly kill the last bit of the boss’ health points.

Use Ice shroom to temporarily freeze the boss. Then blast 3+ jalapenos to quickly kill it. Another option is to use ice shroom whenever you have a field full of melon-pults. Frozen boss plus full melon team can deal tons of damage to him fast.
PvZ 5-10 Ice Shroom Free

By following our general strategies, you should be able to beat the boss easily! Thank you for using our guides to help you beat the adventure mode of Plants vs Zombies.
PvZ 5-10 Victory


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