Zombies Enemy: Regular Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Catapult Zombie, Bungee Zombie, Ladder Zombie
Recommended Plants: Sunflower, Twin Sunflower, Flower Pot, Repeater, Potato Mine, Torch Wood, Pumpkin, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno
Reward: Marigold Plant

This stage is more or less the same compared to the last one. You have obtained a new plant the umbrella which protects you from bungee zombies and catapult zombies. However, you do not really need it. Just setup the stage with full flower production, repeaters plus torchwood, and your fireball squad will do its magic.

Having additional cherry bomb and jalapeno helps when bungee zombies are landing, you can instantly kill them. With plenty of sunflower and twin flower production, you will have all the sun that you need.

PvZ 5-7 Setup

PvZ 5-7 First Flag

PvZ 5-7 Second Flag

PvZ 5-7 Final


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